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Claudia Coulton, Ph.D., Co-Director

Distinguished University Professor, Lillian F. Harris Professor of Urban Social Research



rob_fischer_0986Robert Fischer, Ph.D., Co-Director

Research Associate Professor



David Crampton, Ph.D., Associate Directordavid_crampton_1089

Associate Professor



Mark_Chupp_1401Mark Chupp, Ph.D., Assistant Professor




Joseph_Mark_29Mark Joseph, Ph.D., Director of the National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities

Associate Professor



FranciscaBanner2Francisca Richter, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor



Anthony_headsot2Research Assistant Professor

216.368.2734. Elizabeth.Anthony@case.edu

Elizabeth Anthony, Ph.D. in community psychology from Georgia State University, joined the center in 2013 as a Senior Research Associate. Beth is primarily involved in program evaluations of Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood and Cuyahoga County Invest in Children. Prior to joining the center, Beth taught undergraduate psychology courses, including research methods and psychology of sex and gender, at Bellevue College in Washington State and Georgia State University in Atlanta. Her primary research includes sexual violence prevention and as a postdoctoral research associate at Georgia State University, Beth helped evaluate a skill-based parenting education intervention designed to increase parent-child sex-related communication so as to reduce sexual risk behaviors among black South African youth.

Research and Programming Staff

Marci-281x300 copyResearch Assistant

216.368.5091. Marci.Blue@case.edu

Marci Blue, M.S.S.A. and M.N.O. from Case Western Reserve University, joined the Center in 2012 as a Research Assistant. In this role, she provides support to various research projects through data collection, maintenance and processing, conducting descriptive and statistical analyses, providing technical assistance to community partners, developing materials for public presentations of research results and other tasks as needed. Prior to joining the Center as staff, she worked for three years as a graduate assistant on the center’s evaluation of Cuyahoga County’s Invest in Children program. Prior to joining the staff at the Center Marci worked as an graduate student assistant at the Center for several years.


216.368.2321. Tsui.Chan@case.edu

Tsui Chan, B.S. in computer engineering from Case Western Reserve University, is a Programmer/Analyst at the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development. Ms. Chan’s responsibilities include developing and designing databases, analyzing data using SAS and other software packages, conducting spatial analysis and mapping, and managing the Center’s computer network. She is also responsible for the design and maintenance of the Center’s online database system (NEO CANDO), and the development of computer programs and GIS applications that are used in various research projects in the Center.

cyleste_collins_1293Senior Research Associate

216.368.1875. Cyleste.Collins@case.edu

Cyleste Collins, Ph.D. is a Senior Research Associate at the Center and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology. She has been with the Center since 2008. Cyleste’s research focuses on understanding psychosocial processes in a cultural context, using cognitive anthropological theory and methods and her recent projects have included studies of families’ experiences with home foreclosure, homelessness and doubling up, and health disparities. She is the evaluator for the East Cleveland Teen Collaborative, a collaboration between local agencies and the Cleveland Clinic, and serves on the evaluation teams for a number of other youth-oriented prevention programs, including Cuyahoga County’s Invest in Children program, the Botanical Gardens Green Corps program, the National Youth Sports and SHAEP programs. She has also worked on the evaluation teams of other health-related projects including the HEAL program in Ward 1.

Taryn Gress_change agentProject Manager, National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities

216.368.5359. Taryn.Gress@case.edu

Taryn Gress, M.S.S.A from Case Western Reserve University joined the National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities (NIMC) as Project Coordinator in 2012. NIMC, which officially launched in the fall of 2013, is based in the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences. Taryn came to NIMC from The Civic Commons, a community and civic engagement organization serving Northeast Ohio. She’s also worked with Cleveland community-based nonprofit Slavic Village Development, America SCORES Cleveland, and The Ohio State University Extension in Cuyahoga County. Taryn works with Associate Professor, Dr. Mark Joseph to provide research and development support for the National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities.


216.368.3188. Eamon.Johnson@case.edu

Eamon Johnson, M.S.E. in computer science from Case Western Reserve University, is an Analyst/Programmer at the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development. He uses his deep background in software, networking, and databases to guide the design, build, and maintenance of the Center’s web-based data services. Eamon pursues his research interests in internet applications and network protocols at the Case School of Engineering, where he is a graduate doctoral student.


216.368.3029. Nina.Lalich@case.edu

Nina Lalich, M.S.P.H. in biostatistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is an Analyst/Programmer at the Center. She provides data management and statistical analysis in support of the Center’s research and evaluation efforts. She is currently involved in the evaluation study of Cuyahoga County’s Invest in Children program. She has also participated in studies of welfare recipients and welfare leavers. Prior to joining the Center, Nina was a Public Health Service officer with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.


Research Associate, Analyst/Programmer

216.368.0206. Michael.Schramm@case.edu

Michael Schramm, M.A. in geography from Syracuse University, is a Research Associate and Analyst/Programmer at the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development in the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. He is extensively involved in the development and maintenance of the Center’s neighborhood information system, NEO CANDO (Northeast Ohio Community and Neighborhood Data for Organizing). He also assists the community on a continuing basis with data and GIS mapping and conducts regular training sessions on how to use the NEO CANDO as a tool for social change. Michael’s research interests include: lending and foreclosure patterns, vacant properties and neighborhood revitalization. Michael’s expertise on foreclosure, subprime mortgages, and other real property data have been extensively utilized by the Neighborhood Stabilization Team sponsored by Neighborhood Progress, Inc, the Cuyahoga County Foreclosure Prevention Program as well as the newly established Cuyahoga County Land Bank. He is also active in the local foreclosure and vacant property dialogue through VAPAC (Vacant and Abandoned Property Action Council) and has presented at numerous national meeting and conferences on these topics. Beginning in July 2010, Michael took on an additional role as the Director of IT and Research at the Cuyahoga Land Bank, but continues to be associated with Case and NEO CANDO in an advisory role.

April UrbanResearch Assistant

216.368.3390. April.Urban@case.edu

April Urban, M.S.S.A from Case Western Reserve University, is a research assistant specializing in property research and consultation, focusing on code enforcement, foreclosure and REO properties and works closely with the community development industry to provide data and technical assistance in neighborhood stabilization. She most enjoys projects where she can work to aid communities in building their capacity to work with data, helping teach them how to use information to improve their practices and better the lives of people impacted by their work. She currently serves on the board of FutureHeights and volunteers with Open Cleveland, Cleveland’s Code for America brigade. In her spare time, she is a tap dancer (no joke).



Department Administrator

216.368.3424. Melissa.Van@case.edu

Melissa Van, B.A. and M.S. from Columbia University, is the Poverty Center’s Department Administrator. Prior to joining the Center in 2014, Melissa served as the Assistant Director of two institutes that focused on religion and politics at Columbia University.

Jess_RudolphDepartment Assistant, Web Content Assistant

216.368.3801. Jessie.Rudolph@case.edu

Jess Rudolph, B.A. in English from Case Western Reserve University, is a Departmental Assistant aiding in the daily operations of the Poverty Center including administrative and computer upkeep for the Center. Jess also assists with web content including the Center’s blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook page; he  has also assisted the Director of Marketing and Communications at MSASS in the past. Jess has worked on the layout and design of recent Center publications including the Briefly Stated reports and Data Briefs. Prior to joining the staff at the Center in 2005 he worked as an undergraduate assistant at the Center for four years.