vacant-and-poor-condition-hot-and-coldIn the paper Exploring the Relationship Between Vacant and Distressed Properties and Community Health and Safety, we examine the relationship between vacant properties, distressed properties, and these health and safety issues, crime and lead exposure, concerning the surrounding community. Our hypothesis is that, if vacancy and crime or exposure to lead are related, we will find vacancy hot spots occur, crime hot spots, and lead exposure hot spots in the same locations. We find that property vacancy and poor property condition co-occur with exposure to lead and certain types of crime; violent crime, homicide, aggravated assault, and weapons violations.

This study aims to offer useful insight to policy makers so that strategies to remediate vacant and blighted properties can be considered alongside a community health lens.

You can explore this research through three companion pieces; an interactive map that allows the user to navigate through the data layers used in the analysis, the story map aimed at providing a succinct, visual version of the research to policy makers, and a full, printable report.

View the interactive map.
View the story map here.
Download the full report. (updated)

Prepared for the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, Ohio Housing Finance Agency

Prepared by the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University

June 5, 2017